1. Visualize

Before an interview, think about how would you ideally want to present yourself in the interview and then visualize yourself doing it. Think about how would you want your personality be perceived by your interviewer..

2. Take a Deep Breath at Regular intervals

Don’t forget to breathe! An interview can be a high-pressure experiencehence it is important to take a deep breath and collect yourself regularly. When an interviewer asks a question, take a breath and think about what you want to answer. This process can slow down the interview and give you time to think about a rational and thoughtful response to questions.

3. Control outside Problems

It is important to prepare beforehandfor the interview so you can control outside problems. For example, determiningthe location where the interview will be held, taking into consideration traffic problems if they do exist; getting ahead of time is important rather than arriving late and stressed; bringing along all required material for the interview, be dressed properly for it etc.

4. Think about Your Routine

The night before an interview it is important to reflect on yourself. Think about what makes you relax; it could be exercising, watching your favorite movie, or whatever else go ahead and practice it.

5. Use Built-in Breaks

If your interview is longer and more complex than you thought, be sure to utilize all of the breaks offered by the interviewer. For example, if there is a 15-minute bathroom break, use ALL of the 15 minutes, no matter if you have to go to the bathroom or not. These breaks are very much needed and relaxing and give you the time needed for yourself.

6. Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude during an interview is the most crucial element that impresses an interviewer;avoid IFS, BUTS, or MAYBES all through the interview.        


During an interview, you want to stay calm, cool and collected. Interviews are a crucial step in the recruiting process and we know that they can cause tension but use these five tips and you will be on the right track to reduce your stress level