Spare Parts Store Keeper

Job reference 
461 / 1219
Field of requested position 
Company activity type 
Job location 
Age bracket 
28 to 40
Not Necessary
Years of experience 
5 years of experience in managing vehicles spare parts stores
Special skills 

- Has the organizational experience of the store
- Has knowledge of spare parts and their use
- Has experience in using the Data Base Management System and Bar code System to know the available parts in stock and shortcomings
- Has the experience in reading the catalog and choosing the parts required for issuing a new parts order
- He has experience in categorizing parts as fast moving items and dead stock

Tasks and duties 

- He will organize the spare parts in stock and deliver parts for workshop and counter
- Controlling the minimum quantity of parts and report for dead stock
- Handle new order and report for urgent parts missing, issue stock inventory every 6 months.

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