Risk Manager

Job reference 
462 / 1240
Field of requested position 
Banking - Commercial
Company activity type 
Job location 
Beirut - Lebanon
Age bracket 
Minimum 33
No preference
Years of experience 
10 Years
English , arabic and French Plus
Special skills 


Tasks and duties 

- The Risk Manager will be a member of the Asset and liability Committee, investment committee, and credit committees
- Review and evaluation of the risks associated with capital market operations, leverage lending and funding, customers’ portfolios, and all new products and activities
- Review and evaluation of the Assets portfolio ( proprietary and customers) and liabilities in terms of limits, maturities , interest rates, FX Positions , pricing and exposure
- Margining requirement of clients’ portfolios
- Margin Call and updates’ follow up with RMs and management
- Stop losses initiation on risky accounts
- Letters of liquidations to risky clients
- Manual margin call of same day accounts’ summaries
- Memos on procedures follow up
- Front office errors follow up and justification reporting
- Updated risk reports and communication of amendments
- Legal reporting of central bank’s required monthly and occasional documents related to Risk Manager
- Monitoring and review of credit portfolio to ensure proper concentration , proper review of exposure country/ sovereign risk, transfer risk, group exposure, related parties, proper credit risk classification , adherence to pricing and terms & Conditions , adherence to decisions of credit committee , timely settlement of accidental overdrafts compliance with policies and procedures , compliance with rules and regulations and adherence to collateral requirements, limits, allocations, draw downs, and repayments
- Facility ratios validation on equities / funds / fixed income Validation and restrictions of transfers and issuance of checks from clients’ accounts
- Specific accordance of increased limits on clients’ accounts
- Follow up and instant validation on risky accounts
- Churning reports validation
- Memorandums of procedures (Risky Accounts)
- Updated futures’ margin requirements per exchange
- System’s follow up and reporting on needed amendments and coordination on requests
- Quarterly and yearly report to management on risky clients and active accounts summaries
- Enforce and ensure compliance with laws and regulations requirements
- Establish guidelines for procedures and policies that comply with new and revised regulations and direct their implementation

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